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L'appel du vide

by Axis of Light

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Sick6six thumbnail
Sick6six This makes my ears bleed in the most delightful way
Matthew Toye
Matthew Toye thumbnail
Matthew Toye It's distorted and raw but not to the point of where I want to turn it off. I absolutely love every second of it. Axis Of Light have a ton of talent in making distortion harmonic. Awesome black metal from the UK. Favorite track: Void IV.
Corey Livingston
Corey Livingston thumbnail
Corey Livingston Lofi black metal at its finest. The vocals are a perfect accompaniment to the instrumentation, all shrouded in this hazy, static to create this Void. Something black metal fans will most likely appreciate if you can dig the lofi. Favorite track: Void II.
ZippaThaRippa thumbnail
ZippaThaRippa It doesn't get much more pure than this. Favorite track: Void III.
Matthew Lowery
Matthew Lowery thumbnail
Matthew Lowery Unrelentingly raw, vicious black metal. Noisy, chaotic, but not totally without feeling. Favorite track: Void III.
FLESH MECHANIC The most distorted black metal album I've heard, still managing to create melodies. Favorite track: Void I.
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The third offering from Manchester's AXIS OF LIGHT picks up where they left off and leaves no room for questions. Their most impassioned material to date.

Limited to 200 copies on cassette.


All bandcamp donations for this release will be donated to English Animal/Environmental causes.



released February 7, 2015

Origin - All Instrumentation and Songwriting
Axiom - Vocals, Lyrics and Samples


all rights reserved



Axis of Light UK


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Track Name: Void I

Through leaderless resistance,
aberration from the sickness,
patrolling through this dark realm and no longer subdued

Let corpses burn for all to see.
skeletal remains line desolate horizons
echoes in vain

By honour and lineage, unswayed
stands the spirit of old

This eve, the land calls
for a new dawn

..A harvest of dishonour
commenced with an iron fist..

Track Name: Void II

Holocaust endorsed, where tumour
ridden sores bring perverted applause,
and an unspoken word
maintains the myth of a civilised earth

Erased the depraved,
forever crush their unjust ways,
death dependent in their vile parade

Feral residue stagnant, bound to routine,
foolishly they worship this degenerate regime

Pale skin and innards writhing on cement floors,
suffocating hopeless beneath a crimson steel storm

Caustic sacks of purulent mass,
innocence boiled to death in scalding vats,
attacking with a blood-red smirk,
terminal disease on a regressing earth

With hammer and blade they smite the earth..

Track Name: Void III

Mass graves brimming with rueful hate,
victims of their own mistakes,
digits branded with searing iron,
dehumanized untermensch
writhing in their grey-stripped attire

Rusted bolts meet hollow skulls,
a single humane bloodbath
at last, inhumanity will be culled

Direct action, absolute and bitter
a valid response by an elite militia

Clinical precision during their festive
execution, HAIL! total genocide,
the final solution

Though now their night was cold..

The divine law calls for mortal blood,
you cannot impede this forthcoming storm

Track Name: Void IV

Millennia of unbroken kinship,
bestowed to cancerous rule

Fragments destined for antiquity
nothing more, nor less

Behold now, infinite greed in a finite reserve,
a universe devoured by the mourning swarm,
Black-blooded rapists, desecration and tyranny,
each breath soon to be sacred

Beyond the riches of gold,
transcending the doctrine of your Semitic cult,
a hominal ego devoted to self worth

Untarnished mysticism, the mountains weep for your revival!

Our bearings were lost to a shaded sky, concealed became the stars
in an everlasting dusk..